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Science and Nature

"The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow
sharper." — Eden Phillpotts

Here is a collection of unique science and nature
products that keep kids thinking!

These award-winning products fill curious minds with

What will your child discover?

We also have a great selection of books in
our Science Section of Books.

Earth Day Educational Set
Arbor Day Celebration Set
Green Science Set
Secret Science Team Mission Kit: Case File #1001 - The Case of the Counterfeit Video Games
Secret Science Team Mission Kit: Case File #1002 - The Case of the Stolen Bicycle
Secret Science Team Mission Kit: Case File #1003 - The Case of the Vandalized Store
Little Labs - Stepping into Science (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs Science Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Physics (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Plants (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Weather (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Cars and Motors (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Animals (Thames & Kosmos)
Little Labs - Light and Colors (Thames & Kosmos)
Earthquakes and Volcanoes (National Geographic)
Dinosaurs and Fossils (National Geographic)
Elements of Science (Thames & Kosmos)
Kite Dynamics (Thames & Kosmos)
Balloon Physics (Thames & Kosmos)
Bubble Science (Thames & Kosmos)
Perfume Science (Thames & Kosmos)
Creative Cosmetics (Thames & Kosmos)
Candy Factory (Thames & Kosmos)
Mind's Eye (Thames & Kosmos)
CHEM C500 Chemistry Set (Thames & Kosmos)
CHEM C1000 Chemistry Set (Thames & Kosmos)
CHEM C2000 Chemistry Set (Thames & Kosmos)
CHEM C3000 Chemistry Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Physics Discovery Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Physics Workshop Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Physics Solar Workshop Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Physics Pro (Thames & Kosmos)
Fuel Cell Car Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Power House Set (Thames & Kosmos)
Microcontroller Set (Thames & Kosmos)
TK2 Scope (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Air + Water Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Wind Power 2 Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Electric Generator Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Elastic Power Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Solar Power (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Solar Power Plus Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
Construction Series: Remote Control Machines Kit (Thames & Kosmos)
fischertechnik PROFI Eco Tech
fischertechnik PROFI Hydro Cell Kit
Scientific Explorer Erupting Sparkling Fizzing Fun
Scientific Explorer My First Airplane Kit
Solar Beads Smart Tube Science Kit
Super Snow Smart Tube Science Kit
Super Snow (Instant Snow)
Make Your Own Snowman World Kit
Color Diffusing Paper Snowflakes Kit with Poster
Wild Cards: Mammals of North America
Professor Noggin's Prehistoric Mammals
Professor Noggin's Dinosaurs
Professor Noggin's The Human Body
Professor Noggin's Freshwater Life of North America
Professor Noggin's Creatures of Myth and Legend
Professor Noggin's Wildlife Safari
Professor Noggin's Reptiles and Amphibians
Professor Noggin's Earth Science
Professor Noggin's Famous Inventions
Professor Noggin's Wonders of Science
Professor Noggin's Wildlife of North America
Professor Noggin's Life in the Ocean
Professor Noggin's Insects and Spiders
Professor Noggin's Birds of North America
Professor Noggin's Outer Space
Professor Noggin's Rainforests of the World
AC/DC - The Exciting Electric Circuit Game
The Garden Game
Into the Forest - Nature's Food Chain Game
Alpha Nature, Nature Discovery Game
Periodic Table of Elements Magnets
EarthBall - The Original Photorealistic EarthBall
Glow-in-the-Dark Star Finder
Sky Challenger
Pocket Star Finder
Audubon Bird Call
Teaching Tank Starter Kit - 100's of Experiments in Just One Tank!
Teaching Tank Discovery Book, Volume 2
Teaching Tank Discovery Book, Volume 3
Geyser Tube and Mentos, Soda Geyser
Great Geysers - The Science of Soda
Wonder Tube™ - You'll Wonder What You Did Without It!
Wonder Tubes™ Giant Test Tubes and Rack Set
Wonder Tube™ - 2 Giant Plastic Test Tubes with Caps
Wonder Tube™ - 12 Giant Plastic Test Tubes with Caps
World's Best Bug Viewer
Translucent Megalens Magnifier with Tweezers
Jar of Stars (Glow-in-the-Dark)
Glow Mini Stars - Glowing Imaginations
Animation Praxinoscope
Flower Pressing Kit
Backyard Exploration Magnifying Bug Viewer
BiO2 Inflatable Perch Dissection Model
BiO2 Inflatable Turtle Dissection Model
BiO2 Inflatable Bird Anatomy Model
BiO2 Inflatable Frog Anatomy Model
Solar Print Paper
The Teaching Tank Expansion Kit
Electric Cannon Science Kit
Deluxe Magnet Set
Unbreakable Super Tubes with Stoppers (Test Tubes)
50 mL Glass Beaker
Erlenmeyer Flask (125 mL) with Stopper
Glass Test Tube (25 x 200 mm)
Bomex Erlenmeyer Flask (100 ml)
Bomex Borosillicate Griffin Beaker (150 ml)
Bomex Borosillicate Griffin Beaker (800 ml)
Flint Glass Petri Dish (150 mm)
Labware Set: Test Tubes, Rack, Flask, Pipette
Labware Set: Test Tubes and Beaker
Test Tube Holder
Test Tube Rack
Four-Way Interlocking Test Tube Rack (Blue)
Plastic Test Tubes (Culture Tubes)
Rubber Test Tube Stoppers, Size #00
Plastic Test Tube with Stopper (Set of 6)
Glass Test Tube with Stopper (Set of 6)
Rubber Test Tube Stoppers, Size #4
Pipettes, Graduated
Petri Dishes, 35mm 20-Pack
Petri Dishes, 50mm 20-Pack
Petri Dishes, 70mm 20-Pack
Petri Dishes, 90mm 20-Pack
Human Skeleton Model, 42cm (17 inches)
Human Skeleton Model, 85cm (34 inches)
Giant Test Tube Rack
Agar (10 gram Bottle)
Zometool Molecular Mania Kit
Zometool - Bucky Ball Project
Zometool - DNA Project
Green Science Bottle Catamaran
Propeller Racer (4M Science Kit)
Green Science, Windmill Generator Kit
Science Magic Kit
Tin Can Robot - Green Science Mechanics Kit
Brush Robot (4M Mechanics Kit)
Doodling Robot (4M Mechanics Kit)
Green Science Weather Station
Green Science Solar Science
Green Science Clean Water Science
Green Science Solar Rover Kit
Green Science Eco Science Toys Kit
Green Creativity: Enviro Shopping Bag
Weather Kit
Anemometer Kit
Reversible Weather Climagraph
Clever Catch - Weather
Fridge Forecast and Weather Magnets
Weather Magnets
The WeatherCycler
6-Way Weather Meter
Tornado Tube / Cyclone Tube - Twister in a Bottle
Terrific Twisters, Lab-in-a-Bag
Stormy Weather
ElementO - Learn the Elements and Understand Your World
Green Science, Dynamo Torch
Green Science, Soda Can Robug Kit
Pocket Tornado
TickleMe Plant Greenhouse Growing Kit
TickleMe Plant Party Favor
Periodic Table of Elements Playing Cards
Astronomy Playing Cards (Double-Deck)
Human Skeleton Playing Cards
3D Human Torso Anatomy Model and Puzzle
Wind Power (Thames & Kosmos)
Trees of the Natural World Playing Cards
Optical Illusions Playing Card Deck
Tree in a Box - Red Maple
Tree in a Box, Flowering Catalpa
Tree in a Box, Giant Sequoia
Tree in a Box, American Elm
Biodegradable Paper PotMaker
Moss Milkshake - Grow Your Own Moss
Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series
Everlasting Evergreen (Resurrection Plant)
Grow Your Own Lily Pad, Bags of Knowledge Science Kit
Slippery Spheres, Bags of Knowledge Science Kit
Grow Your Own Apple Tree Kit
Grow Your Own Ginkgo Tree Kit
Banana Bonanza, Sprout 'n Grow Greenhouse
Twig Pencil
Think Tank: 1/2 Gallon Aquaria/Terraria, Tank and Cover
Think Tank: 1 Gallon Aquaria/Terraria, Tank and Cover
Think Tank: 1-1/2 Gallon Aquaria/Terraria, Tank and Cover
Collection Mount (8-1/2" x 11")
Collection Mount (5" x 8")
2" Diameter Round Magnifying Glass, 3x
2-1/2" Diameter Round Magnifying Glass, 2x
Deluxe Butterfly Net (Wooden)
AquaVue, The Aquatic Safari Water Toy
Worm-A-Way Vermicomposting Kit (Small)
Worm-A-Way Vermicomposting Kit (Large)
Insect X-Rays and Picture Cards
True to Life Human X-Rays
The Gardener's Color Wheel
Miracle Sponge, Compressed Sponge (3 x 4 inches)
Miracle Sponge, Compressed Sponge (4 x 6 inches)
Wonder Soil Sprout House (Seed Starting Kit)
Wonder Soil Gardening Kit
Patriotic Colors Chemistry Experiment Kit
Sun Paint and UV Beads, Science Sensors Activity Kit
Fundana - Star Quest Bandana
Clever Catch - Human Anatomy
Color Lab Mixer
The Great Forensic Challenge (Forensic Science Kit)
EcoFluxx - The Nature Game with Ever-Changing Rules
Graduated Beaker Set (Nesting Beakers)
Graduated Measuring Cylinder Set
Structural Molecular Model Set
Polydron Revolution Mini Tub
HEXBUG Alpha (Orange), Micro Robotic Creature
HEXBUG Bravo (Green) Micro Robotic Creature
HEXBUG Charlie (Blue) Micro Robotic Creature
HEXBUG Delta (Black) Micro Robotic Creature
HEXBUG Echo (Pink) Micro Robotic Creature
HEXBUG Nano (Newton Collection)
HEXBUG Power Cells (Replacement Batteries)
Dissecting Forceps
Plastic Forceps (Pointed)
Plastic Forceps (Blunt)
Spectra Stone - Changes Color with Temperature
iBall - Game of Science
Glow in the Dark 3D Moon and Earth Set
Wild Goose Science - Chemo-Electro!
Wild Goose Science - Growing Crystals!
Wild Goose Science - Slippery Slime Time!
Wild Goose Science - Super Bounce Putty!
Wild Goose Science - Wired!
Wild Goose Science - Ph Fun!
Heart Throb Magnetic Attraction, Buzzing Magnets
Dual Scale Thermometer
Du-All Box (Science Activity / Demonstration Tank)
Clever Catch - Green Earth
Clever Catch - Astronomy
The Private Eye Loupe and Instruction Card
GreenBird EarthCraft Paper Bird House
Build-It Bird Cafe
Pickup Sticks
Can O'Worms Game
Sound Reactive Crystal Star Light
The Photographic Card Deck of The Periodic Table
The Elements, A Periodic Table of Elements Photographic Poster
Photographic Periodic Table of Elements Chart/Placemat
Zometool - Creator Kit 1
Zometool Plato's Solids (Project Series)
Scramble Squares, Birds of Prey
Scramble Squares, Butterflies
Scramble Squares. Frogs
Scramble Squares - Insects
Scramble Squares - Lizards
Scramble Squares - North American Birds
Scramble Squares - Snakes of North America
Backyard Exploration Clip-On Compass
Solar Bottle Boats Kit
Photon Solar Racer Kit
Sun Tracker Kit
Mega Marbles - Brontosaurus Game Net
Mega Marbles - Pterodactyl Game Net
Mega Marbles - Stegosaurus Game Net
Mega Marbles - Triceratops Game Net
Mega Marbles - T-Rex Game Net
Mega Marbles - Velociraptor Game Net
Mega Marbles - Asteroid Game Net
Pumpkin Nyokki Plant Pet
Fun-Fly-Stick Magic Levitation Wand
The Original Wooly Willy (Magnet Fun)
My First Magnet Kit
Amazing Christmas Tree Kit
Scramble Squares - Dolphins
Scramble Squares - Freshwater Fish
Scramble Squares - Tropical Fish
Christmas Tree-to-Be
Fairytale Garden Kit - Jack's Magic Beans
Fairytale Garden Kit - Cinderella's Magic Pumpkin
Fairytale Garden Kit - The Princess Pea
Garden Kit - Stone Soup
Solar Powered Aerial Cable Car Kit
Gemini Nature Kaleidoscope Kit
Fliptomania Flipbook Kit (Animals)
Fliptomania Flipbook Kit (Rocket and Robot)
Sun Spot Solar Oven
Solar Science Kit
Ein-O Science Cool-Chem Capsule, Gro Quik Snow
Ein-O Science Cool-Chem Capsule, Gro Crystal Gels
Ein-O Science Cool-Chem Capsule, Gro Icky Slick
Ein-O Science Cool-Chem Capsule, Gro Liquid Blobs
Ein-O Science Luminous Mucus Kit
Ein-O Science Salivary Slick Kit
Ein-O Science Mighty Gels Kit
Ein-O Science Plasticky Gloop Kit
Glow-in-the-Dark Pigment Kit
Crafty Leaves, Leaf Set
Crafty Leaves, Art at Home Leaf Animals
Crafty Leaves, Leaf Animals Collage Classpack
Nature Craft Paper, Realistic Die-Cut Images
Glow in the Dark Spit Balls
Green Snotty Slime
OWI Robotic Arm Trainer, Educational Electronic Kit
Balancing Bird with Stand
Balancing Eagle
Classic Cap Rocket

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